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segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2017

Wailing Guitar Keyboard Solo

This was posted by the nice people at Synthopia.

Another video showing some wailing guitar solo on the Roland JD-800.

The videos was performed by Leonardo (Space4Keys).


domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Live Editing a Modified JD-800

Image: Suono & Computer

Another example of the modified JD-800 turned into a module showing live editing while playing.

That give a nice idea about some possibilites.


terça-feira, 9 de maio de 2017

Replacement of Green Contact Strip and Keys on the Roland JD-800

Replacement of green contact strip and keys on the Roland JD-800

A full video with all the procedures to disassembly the keybed and replace the contact strip.


Roland JD800 - Red Glue - Key Weights Removal

Roland JD800 - Red Glue - Key Weights Removal

Tom Szakaly from the Noddys Puncture presents a short video he made of the removal of the weights from JD800 keys.
Basically it involves dissolving the red glue with Caustic Soda solution.
Please be careful though - if you do try this yourself, make sure to use goggles and gloves...!


quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016

JD-800 and JD-990 DAC Calibration

This is my JD-800. The DAC board is at left.

JD-800 and JD-990 DAC Calibration

Calibration for the JDs Digital to Analog Converters (DAC).

Just to remember, the DAC is that circuit where the digital signal is converted to analog. This is a very important part of the JD, because the quality of the result it does.

From Analog.com:
In principle, you give a digital input to a DAC and it provides an accurate output voltage. In reality, the accuracy of the output voltage is subject to gain and offset errors from the DAC and other components in the signal chain. The system designer must compensate for these errors in order to get an accurate output voltage. This can be implemented with external components and post-manufacture trimming. Digital calibration modifies the input sent to the DAC such that the gain and offset errors are taken into account thus removing the need for external components and trimming.

Thanks to Don Solaris, a JD-Master for posting this at his site. Click the links to be redirected.

If you already does not have the JD Service Manual get it here: JD Manuals.

Note: Please, if the links does not work, notify me at comments to update it. 


quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Using the JD-800 as a Programmer for the JD-990

What a shame! I found I already had posted something so here.
Please people, I'm really short on time, ask me to see where I saw more material like this.

The JD-800 can control most of JD-990 parameters. 

This comes from the Sweetwater.com Using the JD-800 as a Programmer for the JD-990

The JD-800 sliders can be set to send MIDI messages that can be recorded into
your sequencer.
When adjusting a selected parameter such as cutoff, resonance, panning, etc., the JD-800 transmits a series of system exclusive messages.

Use the following procedure to enable the Transmit Edit function:

On the JD-800:
  1. Press MIDI.
  2. Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select “TX Edit Data.”
  3. Press the INC (increment) button to turn this parameter ON.

On the JD-990:
  1. Press SYSTEM SETUP so it is lit.
  2. CURSOR to “RX Exclusive” and use the VALUE dial to select ON-2.
  3. Press SYSTEM SETUP to return to the previous screen.

NOTE: You will need to enable this transmit function each time you turn the JD-800 on.


domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

The Roland JD-800 Buyer’s Guide for Dummies

Another GREAT contribution from MidnightHabit from Texas, USA:

Important note: the author's guide have done updates to this material, so please, verify the last update date as this changed the update link.

This is The Roland JD-800 Buyer’s Guide for Dummies

It's a nice work where he compiled the needed information to buy and found additional resources for the JD-800.

Also, very usefull updated information about some maintenance sometimes needed and this is good to be aware when you buy your own classic vintage JD-800.

Click at the link to view or download it:  

Download link changed: Last update in 24/april/2015



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